Do join Just Vegan for dinner as Vegan Chefs invite you to hydrate, & nutrify with delicious vibrant colourful dishes! Deliver only on Monday and Wednesday (i.e. Monday and Tuesday dishes deliver on Monday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Wednesday) with pick up as an option after agreement. We have also separated the set featured menu which will be found under set featured menu.  Trust you will enjoy fully as we march forward with positive energy! Looking forward to your orders latest noon on day BEFORE of delivery (of course we always try to accommodate all requests after dialogue) either on email, whatsapp or use the contact form at the bottom of this post.

All meals R70 with deliver costs outside Jukskei Park, Randburg, Johannesburg.

Don’t forget to view the set featured menu    

Monday –  Chef’s Choice Famous Assorted Seasonal  Salads

High protein salad aimed to please – drizzled generously with Asian style dressing!

Tuesday – Beef Chow Fun 

Cantonese wok tossed with rice noodles – gorgeous Asian components!

World Wide Wednesday – Chef’s  Seasonal Soup Surprise

Warming hearty Italian soup served with thick slices of home baked herbed bread & Just Vegan famous Butter!

Thursday Surprise – Stuffed Chicken Breast 

Stuffed with creamed spinach thickened with cheese – served on the skin with seasonal veg !!!

Energised Friday – Asterix & Obelix Friday Stew

Traditional Belgian Wild Boar Stew s/w mash !!!

** All meals serve between 300g to 450g

** Whole brown & white stone ground flour is used in baking

** All Just Vegan meals made fresh to order, free of Sentient beings/animal excretions/hormones/antibiotics, palm oil, preservatives.  Just Vegan limits gluten, soy, oil, processed sugar, & salt where possible. Just Vegan cares about ecosystems & initiates greening participation through recycling programmes.

** Please note that Just Vegan does use peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and soy in some recipes.

Delivery time promptly between 17:00 – 18:00 within the Jukskei Park area at no additional charge. Out of boundary 5 Rand per kilometre deliveries prior and post and pick up is most welcome with prior arrangement.  Order the day BEFORE by latest noon on below form, or via email/ SMS/WhatsApp – details below. Guests welcome to pick up at 16:30 with prior arrangement.

Payment with delivery or after agreement.  All other areas most welcome, please contact for travel arrangement & out of boundary delivery. Welcome to join Just Vegan for weekend meals do contact for special arrangements.

If ordering from abroad, contact direct on below number to keep in-touch & ahead of emergency arrangements so that Just Vegan can deliver to your hotel promptly & on time.

Just Vegan & Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström

For more info contact



+27 0840476000


Warm congratulations on making what will probably be the best decision of your life in going vegan.

Thank you for enquiry, confirming vegan cooking classes resuming January 8th (Tues) – to July 27th (Sat) 2019 , so every Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sunday from 9am to Noon @ R600.00 per person booked on first come first serve as per request. Price includes all ingredients, post notes, recipes, suggested pantry essentials, suppliers list, snacks and beverage.

A review, confirmation, and broadcast on further classes will be made after July when Just Vegan returns from Sweden end October 2019. Do book your placing at chefs table as soon as possible to confirm your date!

Contact directly on WhatsApp 0840476000 – look forward to hearing from you 🍀

Šárka Hedström

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“Thank you so much for the supremely yummy dinner, loved the extra chili touch in the sambal 🌶🌶

Thanks Sarka … has a little taste already .. lasagna is very tasty indeed … thank you 🙂🥦🥑🍆🍒

👩🏻‍🍳 Thank you had a taste of beetroot salad and it is delicious so tasty and yummy

Oh my word you are so right that is a match made in heaven, thank you, loving my meals for tonight and tomorrow night 🤗🤗💞💞🤩🤩

Oh awesome and you the best veganizer around with you super delicious meals 😁 had the soup and bread for supper it was yummy 🤩🌸

Was so nice seeing you again.. Myself and Ewan shared a plate and absolutely love the potatoes 😱
Was saying to him that we should go for classes so we can make schnitzels like that..
Was a lovely meal 🥰 thank you

Thank you the humus and falafel were great. I wanted to ask which ingredients do you use for the pizza base?

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Thank you 🤩 had half salad and half pie super delicious 🤗🤩💞

Thnx Sarka,, dinner was delicious 😋👌🌻🌻

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Thank you Sharka,it was delightful

Thank you Just Vegan for wonderful food and saving the day again and again with your creativity and great food. The pumpkin bread is stunning😊😊

Thank you so much for special delivery you are just the sweetest my tummy really appreciates it, it is so delicious 🙏🏼🙏🏼🤗🤗

Delicious thank you 😘

🙏🏼 thank you was delicious🌸🌸

So delicious thank you so much.

🤣 thsnk you already munching on one it is really yummy 🤗🌸

Received – thank you 🙏🏼

The hot dog was sublime 😊

Hi Šárka, thank you for a delicious Wednesday evening dinner. Your curry was outstanding! My husband also loved it 🍎

I will be very sad when you leave to Sweden 🇸🇪 and I cannot order delicious food from Just Vegan again🌱😞

Meals delicious, this week, as usual,, the ‘oxtail’ gravy was very scrumptious, thank you 🌻🍉loved the smoothie with the watermelon, 🍏🥝🍎

Good morning, just want to share that today at 12:30pm to be exact I have been Vegan for 1 year.

I wish to thank you and Lars personally for assisting me in my first few weeks and getting me on the right track!

Much love and gratitude! 🙏🏻🌱😘

My view on Sarka is that she is a kind knowledgeable woman who leaves her mind open, makes her living on selling her truth .What more can you want from such a dedicated woman who shares daily her knowledge on health love and compassion my mind boggles she is a walking angel .Love you Sarka xx


Food was really amazing 👍deff gonna get more

Your meals are always amazing thank you!

Thank you supper was so delicious and tasty plus the chili in it was perfect 🙏🏼🥰

Dinner was delicious,, thank you Sarka 👌🌸

I ate Tuesday’s meal today and it was really delicious …. thanks Sarka

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Thanks for supper it was yummy had half a burger and half yummy pad thai 😊 other halves tomorrow 🤗

Everyone, if you didn’t order the tikka chicken. It’s. A. Must.

V e a g a n all the way
Food was so delicious tonight 🤯👍mind blowing

Agree with you the supper was yummy yum 🤗

You must open a restaurant

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You guys are amazing
I tasted everything
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The dinners have been very tasty, as usual, particularly yesterdays 🌻thank you Sarka 🥝🍍🍌🥜

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Hi Sarka the salad was a great success my husband loved it thank you! 🙏🙏

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Vegan bobotie is great! Thank you

this fish dish was so clever and delish

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Your vegan fish dish is a big winner! Outstanding!! I don’t know how you do it but I am so vv grateful💕💕💕

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Thank you i ate as soon as i got home couldnt wait 🤣and they were so yummy, delicious really enjoyed my meal🌸🌸🤩🤩
Hi Sarka thank you for all the food and smoothies. We had the wraps last night they were amazing💜

Sarka your salad and the wraps were absolutely stunning stunning!

Thank you both so much for taking care of me!”

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