Look out for our new book due out first quarter 2018, with 200 inspirational recipes, a 31 day easy cooking guide, and how to go vegan overnight, and stay vegan, with loads of up to date advise on pantry essentials, suppliers & ingredients lists, and kitchen equipment.

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2 Replies to “BOOKS”

  1. Please let me know when your book is available and where I can get it. Also, where are your cooking classes being held?

    1. Hi Gail,

      Thank you for comment and enquiry. Our book is due out first quarter, will forward email to you personally to confirm when it arrives. Will be available digitally at various electronic commerce sites/online shopping sites, publishing houses, as well as directly from our website.

      Cooking classes are held at various kitchen studio’s, influenced by student attendance. Once, booked with POP confirmation, and finalisation of established class attendance, location is confirmed with you via email, it will always be in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.

      Hope this helps, we keep in touch – enjoy your day further!

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