Cher – 2018-02-07 07:25:00

Just want to send a quick shout out to anyone wanting to try Šárka’s meals. They are possibly the best meals I have every had and my parents would also agreed! The portions are perfect, the meals are delicious and undoubtably nutritious and incredibly filling! Thank you Vegan Chef for making our new journey a taste sensation! Can’t wait for the cooking class on Saturday! 😘🙏🏻🌈🦄

Cher – 2018-02-05 17:10:00

Thank you! 🙏🏻 Well your meal didn’t touch sides! Yom yom yom! My daughter had some and went crazy and she doesn’t really like mushrooms! Cant wait for tomorrow! 😘🌈🦄🙏🏻


Meeting incredible individuals on daily basis! Let’s make the vegan circle wider together! Loads of love and info to share! More on this story
Do join us on future vegan advocacy sessions, meet others who are interested in change, health, nutrtiion and sharing related info. Great breakfasts amidst safe surrounds!
First Saturday of each month, contact for get together and for further information view 

FRY’S AGM 2018-04-07 Cape Town

The Fry’s AGM has returned to Cape Town!

Hello Cape Town!

The anticipation is officially over!

You may have seen some pictures from the AGM we hosted in Joburg last year and might have been wondering, “When is it our turn?” Well, we are incredibly excited to announce that the 2018 Fry’s AGM is here!

Cape Town, it’s time to clear your diaries for the 7th of April and take advantage of this very special ticket deal of only R150 – exclusive to our #1 Fry’s Fans!
This three-day #FrysFan Special is only available this weekend, 2-4 February.

Get your early bird ticket here!


JUST VEGAN MEAL DELIVERY MENU IS GLOBE TROTTING 5 – 9 FEBRUARY *NEW IN THIS WEEK – Freshly made to order almond coffee creamer, thick, rich & warm ! R35.00, almond milk R20.00, look out for seasonal blitzed juices & smoothies, and we have sundried tomato cream cheese pâté (gorgeous healthy anytime spread packed with omega 3) !!! Fresh blitzed seasonal juices daily R35.00 (This weeks juice serves up fresh watermelon, mango, bok choy, chia & maca). Vitamins A, B6, C, lycopene, antioxidants, amino acids, folate, copper, iron & protein. Fantastic addition to nutritious meals or energising morning pep up prior to work, or after workout!

  • Mediterranean Monday – 

‘Creamy’ mushroom risotto ‘parmigiana’ 


–  Rich, smooth & ‘creamy’, a lovely touch of chardonnay.


  • ‘Meaty’ Tuesday –

English Cottage Pie & Salad 

– Filled with ‘mince’ & choice veg combo, topped with potato mash with flax seed ground, ‘cheese’ & tricolour coleslaw with ‘mayo’.


  • International Wednesday – 

‘Bacon’ & Veg Spring Rolls 

– 6 Spring rolls s/w soy (less sodium)



  • Salad Thursday –  

Germanischer Kartoffel  ‘Schinken’ Salat 

– Chilled traditional German potato salad tossed with smoked salted ‘bacon’.



  • Lazy Friday –

Complete Sushi California ‘crab’ roll 

– 8 piece, sushi rice & nori wrapped teriyaki ‘crab’, avo, celery, sprinkling sesame. S/w soy (less sodium), wasabi, pickled ginger & Japanese citrus, ginger salad.


Just Vegan cordially invites you for dinner @ just R65.00 per meal, and a fresh blitzed juice if you like @ an additional R35.00, and, or almond coffee creamer, delivery within Jukskei Park at no additional charge. Your meal serving is between 300g to 500g of gorgeous fresh ready prepped meal. Juices and almond coffee creamers are 250 ml each. Allow Just Vegan to do all the hard work for you, so that you can take the evening off.

Delivery time: 17:00 – 18:00

Order same day by latest noon on below form, or via email/SMS/whatsapp – details below.

Payment with delivery or after agreement.

Just Vegan & Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström

For more info: : : 0840476000