Bernice – 2018-05-03; Vonnie – 2018-05-03; Fiona – 2018-05-03, 08-09; Liz – 2018-05-03, 07; Lynette – 2018-05-04; Terrence – 2018-05-08; Amanda – 2018-05-08; Darren – 2018-05-08-09; Sarika – 2018-05-09; Desiree – 2018-05-09; Rachel – 2018-05-09; Franky – 2018-05-09; James – 2018-05-09

Bernice – Ordered tonight´s meal and it was sooo yummy 👍 Thank you.

Vonnie – Eating like a king…devine… Thanks for a lovely meal Sarka

Fiona – Thank you that was most certainly delicious 🤩 🤩

Liz – Hello Sarka we have just had the curry and rice and ??? We really enjoyed it. Lovely flavour.

Lynette – Very, very delicious… Thanx Sarka, sleep tite 🌻 🌻

Liz – Sarka the pasta tonight was great. Thank you – we both enjoyed it the flavours were super. xx

Terrence – Last nights pasta dish (had now for lunch) was FANTASTIC

Terrence – The bread was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Wife and I want an entire loaf please.

Amanda – Oh my gosh Sarka and Lars the soup and bread were absolutely scrumptious!!! Thank-you! Pls pls make it again. soon. My son wants to know if we can get a whole loaf.  Isn´t it just! Sarka I think you guys need to add this to the regular options so we can order it weekly. My son almost inhaled it. Lol

Fiona – I agree the bread was scrumptious, could have eaten a whole loaf  🤩

Fiona – Thank you for the delicious soup. The loaf of bread is the best, I had to restrain myself from having a gazillion slices 🤩 🤣

Darren – Hi Sarka! The soup was amazing! Perfect balance of ingredients! Bread was perfect! Only problem is that I didn´t have enough 😉

Sarika – This magic bread takes delish as is and even more so with mango atchar for an extra kick 💚

Fiona – Wow that supper was one of your best yet was superb 🦄🦄🤩  🤩 🙌 🙌

Desiree – The “chicken” was out of this world 👏👌 👅 👀 ⚡ 🔥

Rachel – Thank you so much Sarka! It was absolutely divine as always 🌻

Franky – Supper was amazing. I almost stopped eating after the first bite because it tasted so much like chicken. 🌸

Darren – Tonight meal was very tasty thanks Sarka! 👍🏻 👍🏻

James – So proud of u mom 😀  Keep up all the good work


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