Kim – 2018-06-14; Fiona – 2018-06-15, 19; Hans – 2018-06-15; Lynette – 2018-06-15; Terryl – 2018-06-15, 18; Liz – 2018-06-20

Kim – Meals are yummy 😊xxx

Fiona – Thank you so much for delicious dinner this evening 🤩🤩

Hans – Hi Sarka. Tonight’s meal was my absolute best for the week. Nice and simple and very tasty.

Lynette – Was delicious 😁thank you Sarka …. So nice to come home & dinner’s waiting 🌻🌻

Terryl – Thanks . We really enjoyed the meal tonight … look forward to surprising Megan with meals in July and will definitely try out some of next weeks meals. 😊

Terryl – Thank you Sarka. Was an excellent meal again … looking forward to the rest of the week.

Fiona – Thank you supper was delicious and the hummus is oustanding 😍🤩

Liz – Hello Sarka the Monday meal with sausages and onions and peppers was so so tasty we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you. Hello Lars and Sarka tonight’s meal was lively thank you. Ivan found the lemon a little overpowering but I loved every mouthful – the sauce was divine. Thank you very much!!!


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