We thank you all for your support and engagement during 2018 and take the opportunity to wish you a prosperous 2019 with health and wealth and a lot of Vegan success and movement towards a better world! Please find below some of the compliments not already posted earlier this year, thank you for your kind words Sarka Hedstrom Veganchef.

“Hey Šárka and Lars. Thank you so much for the deliciousness of your scrumptious food! My husband and I give it 2 thumbs up

Thanks for the delish meals dropped off last night ate pasta for supper and took wraps to work for lunch they were a great change from my usual salad, and the pasta was super delicious as always yummy delivery

Aaah thank you Sarka you are just the sweetest
Yum it was my pleasure to eat my yummy, delicious supper thank you it was divine

Thanks Sarka. The wraps were really fresh and crunchy … couldn’t resist taking a spoonful of tomorrow’s pasta as well …. very tasty and unusual flavored sauce … it’ll probably be gone by lunchtime tomorrow. I feel like I don’t thank you properly for the delivery but I am so mindful of the time and I am certain after a long day you are very keen to get done and home again …. but THANK YOU … it is always a treat x

Good evening Sarka. I hope you are having a nice rest after your busy week?
We want to tell you that the dim sum were DEVINE!!! Honestly they are one of the best foods I have ever, ever tasted. Thank you, Sarka for all your hard work and dedication to making the world a better, kinder place one FRICKEN AMAZING dish at a time

Thanks Sarka. Salad was lovely … loved the subtle pop of the pomegranate seeds x

Thank you for another delicious vegan meal by Vegan Chef www.justvegan.co.za. Absolutely beautiful rainbow salad with all kinds of goodies in and a huge vegan steak with vegetables. I love it!

Thank you for the delicious meal.

Wow thank you so much for the supper it was total yumminess, super tasty and just delicious

You outdid yourself today pizza was superb

Thank you for the wonderful food. You’re amazing!

Your spices was 100% spot on, well done

The ‘duck plum’ dinner was absolutely delicious,, thank you Sarka ,, smoothie too,, much appreciated

Delicious and so creative

Oeeee was lovely to eat ur food again

Wow thankyou the raw grain salad was super delicious

Thank you for my delicious supper last night, the cucumber soup and pizza was superb

Thank you Sarka … thanks for the delish meal …. really enjoyed mon and tues meal … looking forward to tonight
Loved the tofu surprise!!! Thank you

The Tofu surprise was just delicious loved the hint of chilli

Since moving over to veggie diet not had one upset stomach.Previously was always going down with them. Thank you my angel for good healthy food xx

Thank you for making it such a special day! Your vegan menu for a room full of devoted carnivores was a real hit! The tofu was a smash! A job well done to you and Lars. Mission accomplished!
Thanks so much! The food was a hit. The favourites were the bread, the pizza, the beetroot, and the tofu surprise. People couldn’t get enough of that tofu!

thank you for yet another amazing, yummy, delicious supper

Christmas turkey looks really festive …. what a feat … welldone!!

Thank you so much Sarka! Merry Christmas to you and Lars thank you for a year full of amazing food!

It was a fabulous yummy Christmas lunch

Hello Šárka thank you so much for the Christmas meals. It was absolutely phenomenal and my brother who is a carnivore also really enjoyed it and loved the medley of flavours you managed to infuse into the meal.”

Happy New Year!

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