Do join Just Vegan for dinner as Vegan Chefs invite you to hydrate, & nutrify with delicious vibrant colourful dishes! Deliver only on Monday and Wednesday (i.e. Monday and Tuesday dishes deliver on Monday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Wednesday) with pick up as an option after agreement. We have also separated the set featured menu which will be found under set featured menu.  Trust you will enjoy fully as we march forward with positive energy! Looking forward to your orders latest noon on day BEFORE of delivery (of course we always try to accommodate all requests after dialogue) either on email, whatsapp or use the contact form at the bottom of this post.

All meals R70 with deliver costs outside Jukskei Park, Randburg, Johannesburg.

Don’t forget to view the set featured menu    

Monday –  Chef’s Choice Famous Assorted Seasonal  Salads

Warm Winter 3 Bean with creamy cashew ranch dressing!

Tuesday – Genypterus Capensis

This gorgeous eel served with smash & butter lemone !

World Wide Wednesday – Chef’s  Seasonal Soup Speciality

Bring in a little romance with aromatic French Soup topped with herbed cheesy topinky !

Thursday Surprise – Bake Potato Casserole

Another Winter superbly delicious firm favourite!

Energised Friday – Golden Reuben 

Caramelised onion cheese sauce surprise, the famous one with a twist!

** All meals serve between 300g to 450g

** Whole brown & white stone ground flour is used in baking

** All Just Vegan meals made fresh to order, free of Sentient beings/animal excretions/hormones/antibiotics, palm oil, preservatives.  Just Vegan limits gluten, soy, oil, processed sugar, & salt where possible. Just Vegan cares about ecosystems & initiates greening participation through recycling programmes.

** Please note that Just Vegan does use peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and soy in some recipes.

Delivery time promptly between 17:00 – 18:00 within the Jukskei Park area at no additional charge. Out of boundary 5 Rand per kilometre deliveries prior and post and pick up is most welcome with prior arrangement.  Order the day BEFORE by latest noon on below form, or via email/ SMS/WhatsApp – details below. Guests welcome to pick up at 16:30 with prior arrangement.

Payment with delivery or after agreement.  All other areas most welcome, please contact for travel arrangement & out of boundary delivery. Welcome to join Just Vegan for weekend meals do contact for special arrangements.

If ordering from abroad, contact direct on below number to keep in-touch & ahead of emergency arrangements so that Just Vegan can deliver to your hotel promptly & on time.

Just Vegan & Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström

For more info contact



+27 0840476000

4 Replies to “JUST VEGAN MEAL DELIVERIES 17 – 23 JUNE 2019”

    1. Good day Serisha, thank you for writing, trust you are still well! Just Vegan is all about just that, and so eel, as are other nouns – a “play on words”.

  1. You cannot call your food ‘vegan’ if it contains any animal products – ie eggs, dairy and honey – and of course any other animal flesh – what is with your company selling non vegan products and saying you are vegan ???

    1. Good day Carynne, thank you for writing, trust you are still well! Just Vegan is all about just that, and so a “play on words” as other nouns.

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