Brand New May “Just Vegan” Cooking Classes.

Dear valued guests, hello friends, future master chefs ! – Warm welcome to our “Autumn/Spring Collaboration” cooking classes, 1st to 31st May 2022.

Reservations for this course close 22 May but run with final class 29 May so, do hurry and book now! Reserve your placing at the table ASAP!

Just Vegan hosts 3 hour personalised (one on one virtual cooking classes/workshops), 4 days per week for your convenience, Thursdays to Sundays with following 3 options/bookings/time slots available to you:
(9am to noon) or ( 1 pm to 4 pm) or (5pm to 8pm) – should you have a special request, contact directly in advance for arrangement on WhatsApp (message preferable) +46 76 319 06 34 . Emails available – and

Current workshop centres around mouth watering  “full on vegan meals for both magical “Southern and Northern seasons”.  On the menu, you will learn how to prepare and present three full delicious meals as well as one beverage, all replacing dairy, egg, and meat. This course will also stand you in good stead with inspirations for future everyday meals that are scrumptious, well balanced and colourful. Just Vegan shows you how easy and fun it is to be vegan every day, every season, every special occasion.

Workshops are hands on virtual via WhatsApp, with practical coaching presented live, and made easy, comfortable, and fun with Šárka Hedström.

For this 3 hour course, you will need the following –

1). Booking/s 7 days ahead of time with full POP for confirmation.

2). Internet with WhatsApp access.

3). Ingredients and equipment listed for specific confirmed course.

4). Pre-prep.

5). Fully equipped kitchen.

This workshop is 75 euro only per 3 hour lesson/session per household/group of up to 6 Pax. Superb value ! Full ingredients notes, pre prep and equipment lists mailed to you upon POP. Full notes with recipes provided and mailed to you upon completion. Completion certificate provided.

Come have a kitchen blast with Šárka Hedström, and bring out the inspiring loving chef within you!

Always at your service

Šárka H. Hedström

Find Just Vegan recipes and developments first hand should you miss any classes – join Just Vegan Recipe Book Club

Here for guided tours around Marina Baja and Marina Alta.

FB page is Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström 

Instagram is here

For all further enquiries, contact directly via WhatsApp (message preferable) +46 76 319 06 34 . Emails available – and

Please note that Just Vegan is currently in EU with no reset date for Gauteng, South Africa as yet.

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