Herb Cusk Eel

Best eel you have ever tasted! Clean, digestible and less fatty – one of our favourites!

If you have enjoyed fish all your life before going vegan then this dish is for you! It smacks of the sea and the texture is totally satisfying. Flavour is spectacular!

Serves 2

Cooking time half hour for full meal.

Ingredients & technique

•6 Red baby potatoes with skins

– Cover with plain water, boil, set timer on for about 20 minutes until ready, test with fork or toothpick should go through easily, drain, then set aside. Allow water to cool separately and use that to water plants.

•Tofu block slice width at least finger thickness and up to 5cm wide.

•Nori sheets – 2.

•Rice paper – 2 sheets.

-Add sliced tofu to air fryer for 10 to 15 min on manual high at 200degrees.

-Gift wrap with nori each tofu slice then gift wrap with rice paper.

-Fry in hot oil till crisp about a minute each and on all sides then set aside.

For the sauce

•10 cm Stalks of parsley, dill and coriander cleaned and chopped, add to blender with

•Squeeze of vinegar – count to 10


•2 cloves garlic

•1 whole small lemon (juice thereof)

•1 t sugar.

•Oat cream 250ml

•Pinch salt

-Blend briefly, taste, adjust and set aside.

Back to pan

Half chopped onion and quarter chopped zucchini add to hot oil together with fish, then add the ready boiled potatoes and then finally pour in the ready blended sauce when onions are softened. Bring everything to the heat and plate.

-Garnish of fresh dill and coriander, and if you wish some sliced red chili for colour and zing.

Let us know where you are, how easy it was for you to make this recipe, and how much you enjoyed it! We would love to hear your feed back and see your presentations in the comments box below!



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