Spring roll festivals

These spring rolls made from scratch are too divine! Simple, quick and easy to make. We love the subtle crunch and find them filling too!

Serves 2 persons, 4 M to L spring rolls in total.

Takes no longer than half hour to prepare.

Ingredients & Technique

For the pastry

•Flour : 1 C

•Oil : splash about 2 t.

•Water: ⅓

– Mix together with fork then kneed with hands until elasticity develops (a couple of minutes).

– Cut into 4 equal parts, roll into a ball and set aside under a towel to keep moist whilst working on each ball individually rolling and flattening them out. You will be rolling them out as thinly as possible without breaking them, then filling them and folding them closed – repeating each one at a time.

For the filling

•Cabbage – shred as thinly as comfortably possible for you.

•Carrot – slice as thinly and delicately as possible this will make a difference in the texture and will ease the dough rolling process.

-Once all four are rolled open, filled, folded closed and sealed – set aside and quarter fill a M size skillet that will fit all 4 to fry with oil. Heat the oil first and then add the spring rolls to the hot oil fry until golden brown on all and as many sides.

For the dipping sauce

-I like to offer at least two – one more plain and the other with more bite. You will need the below and can serve to two mini ramekins according to taste with soy and sesame seed in both and chilli as an addition in the one. The ramekins will be about 2cm in diameter.

•Soy sauce – enough of a splash into a small ramekin so that you can dip your spring roll festivals into comfortably.

•Sesame seeds about 1 t between the two mini ramekins

•Red chili sliced – according to your taste.

•Sweet chilli sauce to another separate ramekin can also be nice as a variety offering.

•Pickled ginger and fresh lemon could also be options served on the side.


•Coriander and dill fresh

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Let us know where you are, how easy it was for you to make this lovely recipe and how much you enjoyed it! We would love to hear your feed back and see your photo presentations in the comments box below! Do share with us!



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