Carrot Soup

Warming comforting winter soup for occular health that you will enjoy repeatedly!

Serves 2

30 minutes


6 carrots

¼ onion white

¼ chilli red

Ginger thumb

Cup coriander & Dill stalks

4 cloves garlic

½ C coconut cream

Red bell pepper half at the end during second blitz add in raw

Avocado oil drizzle during garnish

Pumpkin seeds 1 T

Sunflower seeds 1T

5 Slices of pan cut into bite size squares


-Roughly chop ingredients, peel ginger, garlic and onion.

– Leave greens and coconut cream out to add at the end, add rest of ingredients to pot and cover with water – bring to boil for 10 min.

– Remove from heat. Allow to cool a bit. One done blend. Then add greens, coconut cream and red pepper to blend until smooth.

– Can add back to pot to heat if needed.

– To seperate pan add diced pan drizzle well with avocado oil and toast the diced bread with sprinkle of salt.

– Serve soup, garnish with drizzle coconut cream, croutons, mixed seed, avocado oil and fresh dill and coriander.

Leave a reply in the comments below how you enjoyed this beautiful recipe and from where you have joined us on this gorgeous planet!

Love you


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