Spartacus Salad

If a salad, any salad could be served with every meal, spiritual consciousness could be achieved so much sooner!

Here a quick simple salad packed with all the right players to give your cells the advantage in the arena!

The Spartacus is both filling and rehydrating, and offers quality protein. Also rich in zinc and iron.


•Tofu 250g


•Soy sauce

•Garlic powder

•Lettuce romain

•Onion red


•Sunflower seeds

•Hemp oil•Raspberry



– Dice tofu and marinade with Ingredients in first paragraph or add together in container and just shake.

– Then add to airfryer at 200 deg C on manual for 7 minutes.

– For the rest chop, shred or whatever and add quantities to your preference.

– When tofu has chilled add to top of salad.


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