Ajay – 2018-07-13; Natalie – 2018-07-13; Debbie-lee – 2018-07-13; Darren – 2018-07-13; Lynette – 2018-07-13; Chris – 2018-07-14; Sanam – 2018-07-14; Samantha – 2018-07-15; Kim – 2018-07-16, 19; Lorraine – 2018-07-16;

Ajay – Food was delicious, thank u so much🙏

Natalie – Hi Sarka and Lars! My husband and I tried a piece of your delicious bread with your butter and hummus and we are in love with them! Just have to tell you: made hubby tea and used almond milk and didn’t tell him. He asked what I did to the tea because it was very tasty

Debbie-lee – Absolutely delicious! her name is Riley Rey, she’s 2 and she’s super fussy about what she eats so that was a winner 😬

Darren – Hi Sarka. Meal was very tasty.

Lynette – 😁😁,,, very delicious!!! Thank you Sarka 🌻😊🌻

Chris – What an awesome meal on Thursday Sarka thank you.. The beef Wellington flavour and texture were spot on, and broccoli bake was great, and the “bacon’ strips had loads of flavour. The bread is also almost finished, lol.. The butter is going quickly- with the bread, and juice was very refreshing, highly recommended!!

Sanam – I cannot explain the satisfaction that I feel right now after that sumptuous meal 🤗 the “crab” cake and caprese salad was amazing!!! The flavours and textures and vibrant colours!! Absolutely lip smackingly delicious!!! Thank you 🙏🏼💙

Samantha – Thank you so much for today 🙂 I really enjoyed it xx

Kim – Yummy supper thank you i adore your soup bread was like the best pizza ever x, It’s Yum soup. Totally delicious.

Lorraine – Our Apple Crisp was out of this world! 🍏🍏🍏

Lynette – 2018-07-03; Fiona – 2018-07-03, 06, 11; Lerinada – 2018-07-04, 06, 11; Terryl – 2018-07-04; Penny – 2018-07-06, 09; Ernest – 2018-07-08; Zinzi – 2018-07-09; Hans – 2018-07-10, 12; Darren – 2018-07-11;

Lynette – Thanx Sharka, dinner was divine 😉🌻🌻

Fiona – Thank you for the divine tasty warming meal it was scrumptious 😊 and the hummus is delicious 🤗🤗💐💐, Thank you for dinner it was really yummy 🌱🌺🌾, Already eaten, it was delicious, i have never eaten pineapple on pizza before but what a suprise i loved it 🤗🤗

Lerinda – Hi Sarka. Thank you so much for the meal tonight… It was so devine that my partner (who is unfortunately not vegan) is pre ordering one for the next time you make them 🙌🙌🙌, Thank you. The food was so delicious., Hi Sarka. Thank you sooooo much for the meal. Deon (my partner) was so super impressed with the texture of the “meat” that we want to attend your next class on faux meat. Also my nephew rated the pizza as the best thing tonight….☺☺

Terryl – Thanks so much. The pizza and butternut soup were delicious yesterday x

Penny – First time I order the bread .. I’ve really been missing out .. it is DELICIOUSNESS personified 💫, Absolutely divine thanks 💕  the wraps were unbelievable .. sprinkled with sesame seeds as you suggested and drizzled a we bit of sesame oil .. really enjoyed them 🥇, Sarka you never fail to amaze with your imaginative pairings .. and dedication to excellence 🏆

Ernest – I have no words to say, don’t want to mess up the taste the meats left 😋. I am happy with everything, so delicious! Thank you so much.

Zinzi – What a wonder filled & hands on experience i had with Sarka cooking & preparing vegan food. i looked forward to our meeting from the moment i made a booking & i was’nt disappointed. i can definitely recommend her classes to anyone wishing to widen their cooking experience and learn the tricks of the trade. my first class was ‘faux meats’ , we had such a good vibe going and everything turned out perfect and delicious – i feel much more confident with what i can prepare and present in the future. vegan food is not boring & if it is chances are you are the one that is boring. im looking forward to the next coming classes.

Hans – Lovely meal tonight. Simple and tasty., Hi Sarka I enjoyed the pizza 👍

Darren – Pizza tonight was very good thanks ! 🙏🏻


Lynette – 2018-06-06, 10, 13; Liz – 2018-06-06, 11; Tshidi – 2018-06-07; Hans – 2018-06-07; Fiona – 2018-06-08; Darren – 2018-06-08; Desiree – 2018-06-11; Adrian – 2018-06-11; Debs – 2018-06-12; Terryl – 2018-06-13

Lynette -That meal was so very tasty.. Thnx so much 🍍🌻🥑

Liz – Hello Sarka and Lars, pate divine as always and the pasta was delicious. Ivan said Very very good. So thank you so much – loved the “bacon” in the pasta – tasty tasty!!!

Tshidi – The way I am enjoying the juices..I don’t even miss food

Hans – Hi Sarka. The corn chowder was delicious.
FYI, I prefer the lighter coloured bread to the darker one. 😋

Fiona – Thank you for the amazing meal this evening deliciousness on a plate 🌸🌸

Darren – Meal was great tonight! Thanks so much 👍🏻🙏🏻

Lynette – Had an amazing day, thanx to Sarka… I learnt such a lot, very informative & also had such fun 😁😁🌻🌻🙏

Desiree – Oh my word, the meal was amazing, thanks Lars and Sarka🍞🍵

Liz – What a stunning tasty soup Sarka and delicious bread. Thanks very much. Love Liz

Adrian – A triumph So so so so good. If anything is a little TOO much like real chicken. Had to check a couple of times to convince myself it wasn’t. Amazing.

Debs – The pulled pork is soooo deliscious! Thank you!!

Terryl – So I thought I would just have a little taste of the apple phyllo … heavenly …. little taste turns out to just having left one spoonful 😂. Looking forward to dinner which I will enjoy with my husband. Everything was lovely Sarka. Thank you

Lynette – Was all SO delicious,, thank you 🍍🌻🌷

Liz – 2018-05-11, 14; Penny – 2018-05-12, 14; Cher – 2018-05-14; Lynette – 2018-05-14, 16; Hans – 2018-05-14, 16; Fiona – 2018-05-15; Leslee – 2018-05-16; Terrence – 2018-05-16

Liz – Sarka dinner was delicious thank you. Pate yum yum yum always superb never disappointing.

Penny –  Thanks for an amzing faux meat extravaganza today … learnt so much and had lots of laughs 🌈 Hi there… so enjoyed Saturday… thanks to you both.

Liz – Hello Sarka meal stunning tonight thank you. Very tasty and juicy.xx

Cher – Just want to thank Vegan Chef for the wonderful meals we had yesterday! they were delicious as always! Was completely surprised when hubby came home with them! Sneaky! 😘

Lynette – Thnx Sarka, delious, as usual 🌻🌻

Hans – Hi Sarka. The Spaghetti Carbonara was really great tonight. Thanks so much.

Fiona – Thank you my birthday dinner was superb and surrprise birthday smoothie yum yum xxx 🌻🌻🌸🌸

Lynette – That was so tasty thank you 😁🌷 🌷

Hans – I thoroughly enjoyed the Nasi Goreng. Very good. Thanks Sarka.

Leslee – Omw!!! My kids received my order for the bread this evening. I came home to just a piece left over. It is devine👍🏽  👍🏽  Do try it…you won’t regret it 🤗

Terrence – Forgot to mention I loved the hamburgers.



Ella – 2018-04-30; Sanam – 2018-04-30; Hans – 2018-05-01; Liz – 2018-05-01; Terrence – 2018-05-01-02; Fiona – 2018-05-02

Ella – Hello, just want to say thanks for an amazing salad! I had it before a workout and it kept me going!

Sanam – Cooking class with focus on egg replacements:
What an interesting and insightful class. I had a lot of fun learning about plant based alternatives for eggs and dairy in this class. I loved the fact that the classes are free flowing and you can express yourself creatively without having to stick to a recipe with no room for experimentation.
All of our creations were not only tasty and cruelty free but also visually stunning!
Thank you to Šárka and Lars for being such enthusiastic, passionate and warm hosts! Definitely going to try and come to all the classes on offer.

Hans – Your skills are admirable 👍

Liz – Sarka the pasta was divine last night didn’t even have to ask Ivan if he was enjoying it. He started sating immediately said – this is very nice! Thank you. Pate as always delicious even the kitten liked the smell of it.  😸 😺 😻 😍

Terrence – Please accomondate me this evening 🙏 thank you. As from today I am 100% meat free. Broke the news to wife and she says she will support me.  😘 thank you for your care and support.

Terrence – BTW – the fish fingers and sides were delicious today. Ladies and Gentlemen. Add butter to your next order. The little tub is just joy. Perfect and tasty.

Fiona – Thank you so much for the yummy meal it was delicious, just my kind of meal veg and yumminess 😊 😊 🍜 🍜


Darren 2018-04-20; Desiree 2018-04-21; Brian 2018-04-23; Amanda 2018-04-23-26; Fiona 2018-04-25; Vonnie 2018-04-25; Amanda 2018-04-26

Darren – Meals last night were amazing as per usual! Can’t belive how egg like that scotch egg was. And that Prego was brilliand The stone ground flour was perfect continue with that for sure 🙂 😉 👍

Desiree – Sarka thank you so so very much for yesterday we had such a wonderful time. We would love to have you over again soon 😘 😘 Sarka hosted a private cooking class for a few friends at my house this weekend. Not only did we learn to make really great vegan dishes. Sarka made the experience fun and interactive too. She is super talent and has all the patience in the world Most fun we had in a long time

Brian – Hi Sarka Thanks for a really fun-filled day. The things you showed us blew my mind, there is so much for us to try that is new. Thanks for making it such a memorable day; the time flew by and I look forward to the next time.

Amanda – Delicious😋

Amanda – Morning, and thank you for delish dinner 🌺 🌸

Fiona – Tonights smoothie was the best 🤩 I normally save them for the morning, but had taste then it was finished 😁

Vonnie – Hi Sarka Thanks so much for delivering at such short notice. I really enjoyed the meal… it was superb 🤗🤗

Amanda – Thanks for the delicious dinner 🤗


Jeanette – 2018-03-28; Monica – 2018-03-28; Shaheen – 2018-04-06; Nandita – 2018-04-11

Jeanette – Sarka will you be doing any cooking classes on how to make hummus. I have never tasted such delicious hummus as the one we got from you on Monday.

Monica – Oh and also Sarka scrambles (she taught me 😉 ) … My family even prefer it over eggs 😉

Shaheen – Morning All, just want to drop a note to say Thank you Sarka for the wonderfully tasty food. Its was simply delicious.

Nandita – Was delicious. Thank you.

Rudy – 2018-03-12 07:25:00

Good morning Šárka,

What an absolutely enjoyable day, filled with information to add to the ever growing repertoire of amazing dishes we can make.

It was a delight to meet you and even more so to share in your knowledge.

We have now purchased most of the Vegan goodies you showed us, and will now be including two vegan meals to our weekly menu it’s a start.

Thanks again.

Paula – 2018-01-13 19:07:00

It’s for me to thank you so much, Šárka. What a lovely day and you excelled yourself in terms of variety, hospitality, etc. Guy and I are going to have a feast for our lunch tomorrow. He loves the smell and look of everything so far. It was lovely meeting you and Lars. Thanks again so much and lots of love to you both, Paula
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Book any one of  below dates/choice of prefered 5 hour class,  at R500.00 per person,  in home environment for classes less than seven.

Vegan Cooking Lessons with focus on egg replacements: 

Join Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström for a great new start for change! The third cooking class in a series of three.

Want to try vegan, but not quite sure how to incorporate plant based egg inspirations into your meal plan – then come and have a fun day with us, as we show you how!

Just Vegan Cooking Classes: for everyone who wants to help stop animal exploitation, improve environment, eat healthy, help curb worldwide hunger, learn something new, have fun, & make new friends – an exciting, enjoyable experience, join Šárka Hedström at Vegan Chef On The Run for Just Vegan!

A wonderful day of cooking, 4th Saturday of each month! Loads of fun and excellent value for money! The focus is on egg replacements. Cost for the day – R500.00 P/P.

Please contact Šárka via: info@veganchef.co.za for banking details, to mail through POP to confirm, and to book.

• Lesson commences at AM: 9:00, and completes at 14:00 (5 hours).
• Price incl of tea, egg brunch, beverage, cook offs, and coffee.
• All ingredients and materials needed for lessons are provided.
• One on one, and or group cook lessons.
• Learn about egg substitutes, how to make plant based egg scramble, fried egg, boiled egg, devilled egg, ice cream, meringue, and five plant based milks, using a variety of textures and flavours.
• You will also have a better understanding of pantry essentials and kitchen equipment used to enhance vegan cooking.
• Recipes, egg replacer material, and recommended suppliers will be mailed to you as you complete.


9:00 – 11:00; Prepping boiled egg and variety of ice creams, meringues.

11.00 – 12:00; Cooking various methods of plant based eggs.

12:00 – 13:00; Egg brunch. Reflect, discuss Pantry essentials.

13:00 – 14:00; Prepping five varieties of plant based milk, ice cream tasting & coffee.

Release dates for cooking classes focusing on egg replacements, 4th Saturday of every month for 2018 are as follows:

• January 27th
• February 24th
• March 24th
• April 28th
• May 26th
• June 23rd
• July 28th
• August 25th
• September 22nd
• October 27th
• November 24th
• December 22nd

Book soonest to secure for fun filled day!

Contact us on: info@justvegan.co.za