Lynette – 2018-07-03; Fiona – 2018-07-03, 06, 11; Lerinada – 2018-07-04, 06, 11; Terryl – 2018-07-04; Penny – 2018-07-06, 09; Ernest – 2018-07-08; Zinzi – 2018-07-09; Hans – 2018-07-10, 12; Darren – 2018-07-11;

Lynette – Thanx Sharka, dinner was divine 😉🌻🌻

Fiona – Thank you for the divine tasty warming meal it was scrumptious 😊 and the hummus is delicious 🤗🤗💐💐, Thank you for dinner it was really yummy 🌱🌺🌾, Already eaten, it was delicious, i have never eaten pineapple on pizza before but what a suprise i loved it 🤗🤗

Lerinda – Hi Sarka. Thank you so much for the meal tonight… It was so devine that my partner (who is unfortunately not vegan) is pre ordering one for the next time you make them 🙌🙌🙌, Thank you. The food was so delicious., Hi Sarka. Thank you sooooo much for the meal. Deon (my partner) was so super impressed with the texture of the “meat” that we want to attend your next class on faux meat. Also my nephew rated the pizza as the best thing tonight….☺☺

Terryl – Thanks so much. The pizza and butternut soup were delicious yesterday x

Penny – First time I order the bread .. I’ve really been missing out .. it is DELICIOUSNESS personified 💫, Absolutely divine thanks 💕  the wraps were unbelievable .. sprinkled with sesame seeds as you suggested and drizzled a we bit of sesame oil .. really enjoyed them 🥇, Sarka you never fail to amaze with your imaginative pairings .. and dedication to excellence 🏆

Ernest – I have no words to say, don’t want to mess up the taste the meats left 😋. I am happy with everything, so delicious! Thank you so much.

Zinzi – What a wonder filled & hands on experience i had with Sarka cooking & preparing vegan food. i looked forward to our meeting from the moment i made a booking & i was’nt disappointed. i can definitely recommend her classes to anyone wishing to widen their cooking experience and learn the tricks of the trade. my first class was ‘faux meats’ , we had such a good vibe going and everything turned out perfect and delicious – i feel much more confident with what i can prepare and present in the future. vegan food is not boring & if it is chances are you are the one that is boring. im looking forward to the next coming classes.

Hans – Lovely meal tonight. Simple and tasty., Hi Sarka I enjoyed the pizza 👍

Darren – Pizza tonight was very good thanks ! 🙏🏻


Liz – 2018-05-11, 14; Penny – 2018-05-12, 14; Cher – 2018-05-14; Lynette – 2018-05-14, 16; Hans – 2018-05-14, 16; Fiona – 2018-05-15; Leslee – 2018-05-16; Terrence – 2018-05-16

Liz – Sarka dinner was delicious thank you. Pate yum yum yum always superb never disappointing.

Penny –  Thanks for an amzing faux meat extravaganza today … learnt so much and had lots of laughs 🌈 Hi there… so enjoyed Saturday… thanks to you both.

Liz – Hello Sarka meal stunning tonight thank you. Very tasty and juicy.xx

Cher – Just want to thank Vegan Chef for the wonderful meals we had yesterday! they were delicious as always! Was completely surprised when hubby came home with them! Sneaky! 😘

Lynette – Thnx Sarka, delious, as usual 🌻🌻

Hans – Hi Sarka. The Spaghetti Carbonara was really great tonight. Thanks so much.

Fiona – Thank you my birthday dinner was superb and surrprise birthday smoothie yum yum xxx 🌻🌻🌸🌸

Lynette – That was so tasty thank you 😁🌷 🌷

Hans – I thoroughly enjoyed the Nasi Goreng. Very good. Thanks Sarka.

Leslee – Omw!!! My kids received my order for the bread this evening. I came home to just a piece left over. It is devine👍🏽  👍🏽  Do try it…you won’t regret it 🤗

Terrence – Forgot to mention I loved the hamburgers.



Darren 2018-04-20; Desiree 2018-04-21; Brian 2018-04-23; Amanda 2018-04-23-26; Fiona 2018-04-25; Vonnie 2018-04-25; Amanda 2018-04-26

Darren – Meals last night were amazing as per usual! Can’t belive how egg like that scotch egg was. And that Prego was brilliand The stone ground flour was perfect continue with that for sure 🙂 😉 👍

Desiree – Sarka thank you so so very much for yesterday we had such a wonderful time. We would love to have you over again soon 😘 😘 Sarka hosted a private cooking class for a few friends at my house this weekend. Not only did we learn to make really great vegan dishes. Sarka made the experience fun and interactive too. She is super talent and has all the patience in the world Most fun we had in a long time

Brian – Hi Sarka Thanks for a really fun-filled day. The things you showed us blew my mind, there is so much for us to try that is new. Thanks for making it such a memorable day; the time flew by and I look forward to the next time.

Amanda – Delicious😋

Amanda – Morning, and thank you for delish dinner 🌺 🌸

Fiona – Tonights smoothie was the best 🤩 I normally save them for the morning, but had taste then it was finished 😁

Vonnie – Hi Sarka Thanks so much for delivering at such short notice. I really enjoyed the meal… it was superb 🤗🤗

Amanda – Thanks for the delicious dinner 🤗