Should you not be able to cook up that vegan storm just yet, we can assist by providing you with vegan raw, cooked and frozen meals – all are our friends, family, community, and Just Vegan delivers to make it even easier to live a healthy life, and to eat healthier. For just R65.00, we can deliver within the area. Your meal will cover between 300g to 500g of gorgeous vegan food put together with love – join us for dinner!

We use the best ingredients available to us because we really do care, so no short cuts. This covers food, petrol costs, and labour of love. Please feel free to contact us, we want your life to be as easy as possible going plant based until we can get you fully on board.

Also do take into consideration our now set featured menu which offers the following, which you are more than welcome to add on to your meal delivery orders and or any orders over R100

• Sun-dried tomato & Italian herb pate – R35

– Made fresh fresh, no preservatives, lovely anytime healthy spread


• Butter – R45

– Stunning more healthful spread made up of coconut & olive oil. Can also do additional garlic and or herb for  R10 more 




• Fresh Juice & Plant Based Milks & Coffee Creamers! R35, R25 & R35

– We make fresh fresh to order, no preservatives used. Best used date as you order for maximum nutritional content  & absorption. Our aim is to get you off the meat, egg, and dairy train. We want you to load & boost your immune systems with vegan goodness 

Please  contact Šárka directly at  to make arrangements at your earliest convenience!

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