We take so much for granted, very often come to realise when it’s a little too late, damage is done, & deterioration has deeply set in, so now is the time to take charge for improved quality of life! If ever you ask anyone what they would love most, they will almost indefinitely mention health as number one top of the list. With health we can climb mountains, swim across oceans, help others, find love, and obtain wealth.

We consume food at least three times a day on average, why not make that fuel count and ‘nutrify’ each and every single organ and living cell, as we have one body, one life, lets make it count.

Consuming healthy well balanced meals from all food groups (fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, herbs, spice, edible roots & flowers), as well as eating from rainbow colours (white, yellow, orange, red, green, red, blue, purple, black, brown), daily sunshine D,  exercise, and relaxation leads to good health.

In today’s world where toxins are rife, they linger in the air that we breathe, swim in our waters, and leach into our depleted poisoned soils, it’s imperative that we start to heal ourselves with whole vegan foods, in order to detoxify our bodies & our minds from the daily garbage, grunge, heavy toxic metals, pollutants, and the violence, and start cleaning up and taking good care of our ecosystems. Health starts on our plates, as does peace.

We often underestimate our gut. This gastrointestinal tract, an organ system starting at the mouth which takes in food, and digests it to absorb energy through nutrients, then expels remaining waste as feces. We want to keep our gut clean and healthy just like we would maintain clean pipes in our vehicle so that fluids & fuels flow through smoothly. There are certain foods that aid healthy gut bacteria more than others. The gut microbiome is crucial for health which can also control immune system, and there are suggestions that central nervous system as well as brain health can be affected. There are thousands of different bacteria in the intestines most which benefit our health however, having to many unhealthy microbes can lead to disease. This is where probiotics can potentially restore gut health.  Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli are our friends. 

Eat a diverse range of whole vegan foods – legumes, beans, fruit

Eat fermented foods – sauerkraut, vegan versions of kefir, natto, miso, kimchi, apple cider vinegar, dairy free yogurt, tempeh , beet kvass

Eat probiotic foods – Jerusalem artichokes, bananas, asparagus, oats, apples

Eat whole grains

Eat foods rich in polyphenols – green tea, chocolate, whole grains, olive oil, vegan red wine

Enjoy, life is too short not to!

Do share with us how you further enhance health gut, as we continue to advocate for healthy communities, we would love to hear from you!


Fresh asparagus spears, blanched, drizzled with dill sauce, s/w Swedish mash.

Serves: 2

Prep & cook time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Easy


• 1 Pkt Asparagus spears

• 4 Potatoes, medium

• Dill sauce (recipe below)

• Micro greens

Ingredients for Swedish potato mash:

• 50 ml Coconut cream

• Nutmeg pinch

• Sugar pinch

• Salt pinch

Ingredients for dill sauce:

• 2 T Oil

• 1 T Flour

• 350 ml Coconut cream

•  1 t Salt

• 1/2 t Pepper ground

• Nutmeg pinch

• 6 T Dill, finely chopped


• Start with the Swedish mash, quarter potatoes, boil in water, remove and drain when tender. Mash, add and complete with listed ingredients (note: add according to your taste).

• Continue with sauce dillon. Heat oil in pot, add flour, stir out any lumps, then add cream and the rest of the ingredients, stir.

• Blanch full pkt asparagus in water for 5 minutes, drain.


• Spoon Swedish mash to hot plate, add asparagus, drizzle sauce dillon liberally over dish, garnish with micro greens and dill.

Smaklig måltid !