Thank you for the magic – 28 July 2019

Just Vegan wishes to thank all guests on board with continued support. Thank you in keeping concept very much alive!! Absolute pleasure to serve everyone who simply loves great food! Enthusiastic applause from vegan community as all curious to try!

Special thanks to all participating in eco friendly initiative’s in return & rotation of clean recyclables with each & every effort helping to green earth. Together yourselves and Just Vegan consciously recycles hundreds of kilos of plastic, tin, aluminium, and glass, therefore doing our bit in cleaning and greening ecosystems, saving thousands of lives one plate at a time and doing so kindly, consciously, joyfully, willingly, and respectfully to both ourselves as to others!

Thank you also to all guests who daily take time to forward positive enthusiastic comments of enjoyment on meals as deliveries, and thank you to everyone for taking time to five star & review Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström FB page as leave comment on Just Vegan website, and join Just Vegan on Instagram – all free advertising helps continue keep concept alive and directs potential traffic in trajectory intended! – YOU are sincerely appreciated !!!

Personal thanks go out to my partner Lars as well, with whom this venture would not have been a possibility in that he has kindly assisted pro bono since inception December 2017 – thank you thank you thank you my love, pillar of strength, our backbone!!!

As already aware, Just Vegan is taking a small necessary break to E.U. & making most of future adventure as inspirations – as surely back shortly with exciting new concepts. Do keep in-touch as Just Vegan continues to serve upon soonest return!!! In mean time continue enjoy being vegan. Just Vegan at your service🌸🌱🍏👨‍🍳 –

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“Your prices are very good Sarka 🍏. Thanks for the lovely food.

Just so you know your food saves my life EVERY day!! I am so time challenged it is a real life saver. I am dreading when you go overseas😩😩

Juices were great thank you!

Ok no problem! We’d or thurs it is🙏🙏 my husband LOVES the vegan chicken🌹🌹

🦋Thank you for the pics Sarka. We had a very entertaining and educational morning with you! Lots of love ❤

It was a particularly good salad. I really enjoyed all the tasty and variable components. Could eat that every Monday! 😊. Thanks Sarka

Yes thank you the salad was delicious 😊

Enjoying all ready thank you 🌹👍

Absolutely delicious ,,kept some for later 😋🌮thank you Sharka 🥝

The burger was fabulous, warmed it up, added chips onto burger then tried to fit it into my mouth🤣 I really enjoyed it super tasty and just yum thank you 🙏🏼🤩

Sarka your food is just STUNNING! We are having the soup. I do not know how you do it but I am eternally grateful! it takes SUCH a load off me … you have NO idea! I am DREADING when you go away….x

You are an absolute star.I hope you will be coming back otherwise I am done for😩😱

Delicious food sooo thank you 🙏😀 👍❤💕🌹🦋🌹

Thank you Sarka, very delicious

Was a very generous salad portion and most tasty …. thanks Sarka 😊

Thanx for lovely meal last night,, delicious, as always 🥝🌮🥝

Thank you for the yumminess that was dinner😁 ….. enjoyed her hug from you 🐕🐶

Oh dear Shaka I am having an anxiety attack about you guys leaving because you have helped me SO SO much.. you have NO idea!!!❤❤❤

Yay for not having to cook dinner 😅
The food looks amazing!
What’s the baby food? Thank you so much for doing that 🤗

Thank you so much .. looks delish!

Thank YOU so much to you and Lars, for the sponsorship/ collaboration and it was wonderful meeting two beautiful people that I’ll treasure forever in my heart. Best of luck on all your future plans and may life ahead be filled with happiness, success and joy 🌺⭐🦋🍉

THANK YOU so very much Sarka. I could hear how excited ….. was when I drove her back in the car. She loved your teaching and is so happy and energized to have learnt from you! I know for sure what we will be having for breakfast on Monday! You are a superstar!!!

Delicious 👏🌻

🌸We all appreciate your hard work, thank you 🌸

Thank you for my dinner it was super delicious really enjoyed it😁🌷🌻

Pizza a big hit thank you!

Licking my lips right now … just had one of those … very good indeed!! 🐶

.. and I really enjoyed dinner tonight. Interesting dressing and slaw salad side … we loved the little falafels! Thank you Sarka 🦋

Hi Šárka, just wanted to say thank you for the delicious food last week! Was so busy, it helped a lot to have yummy food every night!

Thank you the curry was divine just what one needs on these colder evenings. ….. says a woof woof thank you, she is snoring on the couch🐶😊🌻

Yummy curry…. nice and spicy !!

You were so right that meal was 100% deliciousness thank you 🤗😁💐

Hi Sarka you really are amazing and give such Fantastic food!! Pizzas and salad a big hit. Pizza s a major hit! Thanks so much🙏🙏🙏

I love it!
You’re always so positive and radiate light and love energy into your food because it’s who you are and you enjoy what you do – preparing the BEST quality meals because you care ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to you too – had a fabulous time creating deliciousness 💙

Thank you 🌸 Today was amazing😊

Thank you 😊🐶
Hi Sarka wow you outdid yourself today the meals were just so tasty and yummy have saved most of my salad for lunch tomorrow. Yummy yummy 🤗😊🐶🌻🌼

Received thank you! We are having them tomorrow evening for my birthday so will let you know what we think – they look wonderful. Thank you♥️ Hi Šárka. We absolutely LOVED the lasagne you made for us. Thank you SO much. We will definitely be ordering more meals! We were so surprised at how meaty it tasted without mince! It was amazing! Thank you♥️♥️

My sister loves your pizza Sarka! It was gobbled up quick stix …. shame 😂… think she was hoping for leftovers

Thank you the supper was superb as always loved the flavours 🌻🌿❤

Very scrummy…. had some of both 👍😘
Never eaten kumara before … most tasty 😋

Thank you for dinner 🤩 it was delicious, different and the sauce was yummy 😁 ….. says woof woof back to you 🐶

Had my stew for supper tonight it was really delicious, saving my soup for tomorrow thank you 🐶😊🌻”