Recipe -Thursday Pasta Salad Xalapa

– Chilled fusilli tossed with greens, coated with tangy Jalapeno dressing, topped with smoked coconut & almond  flakes

Evening #dinners gone by. •  Do join us for #Salad  on Thursdays, always gorgeously exciting ! – Pasta Salad Xalapa three weeks ago – Chilled fusilli tossed with greens (green beans, broccoli), coated with tangy Jalapeno dressing (jalapeno, olive oil, salt, baby spinach leaves –  blitz, taste, adjust),  top with smoked almond & coconut flakes (you can bake on tray lined with foil until ready – you will smell when ready).

Pasta (fussily), cooks for about 7 minutes on low covered in water, until ready to finish – can add salt (optional).

We added additionally pumpkin & sunflower seeds as an added nutritional bonus as garnish, salad, filling, colourful with loads of punch!

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Rest well, do good, & nourish!


These colourful salads were detailed this week to our very special guests at chefs table with love, focus on red, balance, health & goodness, veganism, protein.

Very easy to put together, simply use what it is that you have which is seasonal and fresh, with some crunch, colour, seeds, and freshness does work –  and off course the secret is also in the dressing, compliments all the freshness.

Here, we made use of white shredded cabbage, lettuce, green beans sliced, washed baby spinach leaves, micro greens, chives, fresh raspberries, baby tomatoes, edible flowers, cooked quinoa, spiralled carrot, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, alfalfa & sesame seed. And play around with ‘cheesy’ flavours such as nutritional yeast for added B vitamins.

Tossed and served with fresh home made raspberry vinaigrette – no preservatives.

For the dressing:

Serves 4-6


• 24 Raspberries fresh

• 2 T Balsamic

• Pinch sea salt

• 1 C filtered water

• Drizzle sesame seed oil


• Blend all together, moderate as per your own preference

*Notes: Use ingredients according to your preference of balance


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