Fresh asparagus spears, blanched, drizzled with dill sauce, s/w Swedish mash.

Serves: 2

Prep & cook time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Easy


• 1 Pkt Asparagus spears

• 4 Potatoes, medium

• Dill sauce (recipe below)

• Micro greens

Ingredients for Swedish potato mash:

• 50 ml Coconut cream

• Nutmeg pinch

• Sugar pinch

• Salt pinch

Ingredients for dill sauce:

• 2 T Oil

• 1 T Flour

• 350 ml Coconut cream

•  1 t Salt

• 1/2 t Pepper ground

• Nutmeg pinch

• 6 T Dill, finely chopped


• Start with the Swedish mash, quarter potatoes, boil in water, remove and drain when tender. Mash, add and complete with listed ingredients (note: add according to your taste).

• Continue with sauce dillon. Heat oil in pot, add flour, stir out any lumps, then add cream and the rest of the ingredients, stir.

• Blanch full pkt asparagus in water for 5 minutes, drain.


• Spoon Swedish mash to hot plate, add asparagus, drizzle sauce dillon liberally over dish, garnish with micro greens and dill.

Smaklig måltid !

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