Bite sized morsels, filled with savoury soy mince, leek & ginger. Served with dipping sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds & chilli flakes.

Serves 36 pieces

Prep & cook time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Easy


• 36 Pieces of gyoza dough

• 1 C Soy mince, soaked in 2 C water

• 2 T Smoke liquid

• 1 Leek, finely chopped

• 1 Ginger thumb, finely chopped

• Oil, to cover pan

• Water, 1 c

• Soy sauce

• Sesame seeds

• Chilli flakes


• Defrost gyoza dough, so take those out the freezer at least 2 hours before commencing.

• To make the filling, add soy mince to bowl, add water, smoke liquid, leeks, and ginger. Allow to soak for 15 minutes, then heat on low to reduce moisture. The mix should be as dry as possible prior to filling dough circles. Set aside.

• Lightly dust counter, separate gyoza dough, fill each circle with 1 T of filling. Fold over and holding with both hands, begin to fold the ends, creating 4 – 5 pleats. Complete all, cover with slightly damp cloth as you proceed.

• Drizzle oil to a large hot pan, adding 10 gyoza at a time, flash fry, tossing to turn. When slightly browned and crisp, carefully throw in quarter cup water to steam, then remove, and repeat with the rest.

• Plate, serve with separate soy with either fresh chopped chilli or chilli flakes. Sprinkle dish with sesame seeds.

Note: Gyoza dough can be found at most Asian stores, Pick n Pay, Checkers.

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