Just Vegan is a dedicated team of vegans who are happy to assist with vegan mentorship through vegan advocacy, community work, outreach, cooking classes, growing and sharing vegan food for life Initiatives, community distribution of vegan meals, and vegan recipe development. Just Vegan will also be branching out into the International arena in the New Year, through tourism, assisting the widely popular growth rate of veganism, offering sound advise to tourists visiting our Country.

Just Vegan loves humans just as much as sentient persons, ecosystems, and planet earth – therefore is firmly dedicated in assisting as much as possible in advancing communities to a healthier way of living.

Just Vegan is a home-based concept in Jukskei Park, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa, headed by Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström, recipe inspirations on their Facebook Page, nestled within appropriate albums, are posted regularly for all to enjoy, and are free.

Basic core values include the recognition of treating all living beings on earth with respect and dignity, and as humanly possible, causing no harm, acknowledging that all life has the right to live and enjoy their freedoms. The right to healthy food, clean water, clean air, clean environments, security, shelter, and in the case of humans – education. When we accomplish these fundamentals, inclusive of exercise – spiritual, mental, and physical health is achieved.

We have ONE Blue Planet, the time to respect her is now –

Awards and education: 

• Experience (over 30 years in all departments) F&B/BOH/FOH/Management & Cheffing – 1986 to date.

• Food Critic 2014 to date

• Cape Wine Academy – Diploma Wine Course 1996

• Quality Brand Workshop – 22/06//16

• Course on Nutrition –  18/07/16

• Diploma In Nutrition  – 26/07/16

• Vegan Workshop – 06-07/11/16

• Diving Cert – Open 20 – 08/02/2017

• Diploma In Sports Nutrition & Exercise  – 08/02/17

• Cannon photography course – 17/03/2018


Contact us on:  info@justvegan.co.za


This page is under construction, thank you for your patience. Look out for new updates in January 2018.

Contact us on: info@justvegan.co.za


Look out for our new book due out first quarter 2018, with 200 inspirational recipes, a 31 day easy cooking guide, and how to go vegan overnight, and stay vegan, with loads of up to date advise on pantry essentials, suppliers & ingredients lists, and kitchen equipment.

Contact us on: info@justvegan.co.za