• Mediterranean Monday – Mushroom Penne

– Penne al dente tossed with meaty mushrooms well cooked with parsley, finished off with rich, creamy mushroom sauce, sprinkled with love & umami.


• Meaty Tuesday – Beef Medallions Champignons 

– Medallions a la legume & grain, served in mushroom sauce, with quatre colour seasonal veg, & roast potato.  


• International Wednesday –  Aloo palak 

– International Wednesday goes to India for a bite of spice, spinach & potato curry, sprinkled with additional red chili flakes,  s/w chutney & crispy poppadoms.


• Salad Thursday – Roasted Curry Garbanzo Salad 

– Spicy curried chickpeas, nestled amidst a bed of crisp lettuce & roasted butternut, s/w ripe cherry tomatoes, diced herbed crostini, avo, walnuts,  drizzled with sweet mustard dressing.

• Lazy Friday – Boerie roll

– Homemade spiced boerie, set on fresh baked roll with wholegrain mustard, accompanied with tender salted roast potatoes, s/w ketchup & mayo.


Just Vegan cordially invites you for dinner @ just R65.00 per meal,  delivery within Jukskei Park at no additional charge. Your serving is between 300g to 500g of gorgeous ready prepped meal. Allow Just Vegan to do all the hard work for you, so that you can take the evening off.

Delivery time: 17:00 – 18:00

Order same day by latest noon on below form, or via email/SMS/whatsapp – details below.

Payment with delivery or after agreement.

Just Vegan & Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström

For more info: : : 0840476000

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