Ella – 2018-04-30; Sanam – 2018-04-30; Hans – 2018-05-01; Liz – 2018-05-01; Terrence – 2018-05-01-02; Fiona – 2018-05-02

Ella – Hello, just want to say thanks for an amazing salad! I had it before a workout and it kept me going!

Sanam – Cooking class with focus on egg replacements:
What an interesting and insightful class. I had a lot of fun learning about plant based alternatives for eggs and dairy in this class. I loved the fact that the classes are free flowing and you can express yourself creatively without having to stick to a recipe with no room for experimentation.
All of our creations were not only tasty and cruelty free but also visually stunning!
Thank you to Šárka and Lars for being such enthusiastic, passionate and warm hosts! Definitely going to try and come to all the classes on offer.

Hans – Your skills are admirable 👍

Liz – Sarka the pasta was divine last night didn’t even have to ask Ivan if he was enjoying it. He started sating immediately said – this is very nice! Thank you. Pate as always delicious even the kitten liked the smell of it.  😸 😺 😻 😍

Terrence – Please accomondate me this evening 🙏 thank you. As from today I am 100% meat free. Broke the news to wife and she says she will support me.  😘 thank you for your care and support.

Terrence – BTW – the fish fingers and sides were delicious today. Ladies and Gentlemen. Add butter to your next order. The little tub is just joy. Perfect and tasty.

Fiona – Thank you so much for the yummy meal it was delicious, just my kind of meal veg and yumminess 😊 😊 🍜 🍜


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