Kerrin – 2018-05-18; Fiona – 2018-05-21,24; Liz – 2018-05-22; Hans – 2018-05-22; Terrence – 2018-05-22,23; Rosy – 2018-05-23; Monica & Mike – 2018-05-24; Bromwyn – 2018-05-24

Kerrin – Thank you absolutely loving the rice paper rolls! Yummy 😋

Fiona – You were right I loved the pasta it was so tasty simply divine 🤩🤩

Liz – Morning Sarka the pasta last night was stunning Thank you. Love all the nuts as well. Thank you Sarka and Lars for making the effort to get to us much appreciated. The bread and pate to die for. Could have made a whole meal of it! Xxx

Hans – It was yummy. Bread is also nice. It was good

Terrence – Tonight’s supper is delicious. Thank you

Terrence – Supper tonight was 10/10

Rosy – Mmmm to good… had 2 slices

Fiona – Thank you so much for dishing up for me 😊 my dinner was devine 🤩 🤩 I had a small piece of rice paper wrap they are so scrumptious have found a new addiction rice paper wraps 🤩  🤩 Anyone wanting something delicious fresh and vibrant order the rawlicoous rice wraps they are the best 😊🤗

Monica & Mike – It was really delicious. thank you so much! 🌱 Gracias!

Bronwyn – Totally awesome. Thank you so much. I’m a customer for good.


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