Lynette – 2018-05-26; Fiona – 2018-05-30, 06-04; Rudolph – 2018-05-30; Liz – 2018-06-01; Amanda – 2016-06-04; Darren – 2016-06-04; Monica & Mike – 2018-06-05; Brownyn – 2018-06-05; Hans – 2018-06-05

Lynette – Dinner was scrumptious last night, thank you 💕

Fiona – Hi Sarka wow what a fabulous dinner absolutely delicious 🤩🤩

Rudolph – The Mex Burrito and chesse sauce and guacamole were just great. Thank you. Good night.

Liz – Hello Sarka we loved the Borscht soup last night it was delicious. I love beetroot. Have a wonderful weekend! Xx

Fiona – I cant even find a word to describe how delicious those spinach and “ricotta” rolls were. Thank you loved them 🤩👍🏻👍🏻

Amanda – Thank you for the delicious dinner this evening. Really enjoyed my meal.🐾🌹🦋🌺

Darren – Food was great tonight thanks. And putting the fresh stuff on the lettuce leaves makes it so easy to remove before heating up the other half. Game changer 😉👍🏻

Monica & Mike – It was absolutely delicious. Thanks so much for the meals

Brownyn – Fantastic meal. Loved it. Thanks guys. 👏👏👏

Hans – Brilliant meal tonight. Thank you Sarka 😋


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