Please note extended menu including Friday 6th & Monday the 9th due to  ‘Just Vegan’ on conference in C.T, will NOT DELIVER on those days, please order additional from weekly menu to be delivered for you. 


  • Salads, two fresh seasonal available daily, refer below menu 200g – R30
  • Sides, additional can now be added to all meals, refer menu below 200g – R30
  • Desserts as extras, refer menu below for chef’s recommendations – R45


  • Bread, soy free – R25
  • Butter plain salted – R45
  • Butter, garlic – R55
  • Butter, herb –  R55
  • Cheesecake, frozen, nut combo, drizzled with heavenly caramel sauce – R65
  • Chocolate hearts filled with goji, oat, & coconut trail mix, 12 p/c – R65
  • Chocolate hearts, soft centred caramel with hints of mint, 12 p/c – R65
  • Creamer, almond, thick, rich, warm & very creamy (perfect for coffee) – R35
  • Humus – R35
  • Juice & smoothie combinations – look out for seasonal juices & smoothies, made to order with superfoods included. Perfect for additional nutrient intake to balance out pH body levels – R35
  • Juice cleanses, 3 Day, (variety of 5 daily juices) – R420
  • Milk, almond (lovely for cereal, cooking, coffee, etc) – R25
  • Pate, Sun-dried tomato & Italian herb (gorgeous healthy anytime spread packed with omega 3) – R35
  • Samosa, ‘chicken’ 24 p/c – R96
  • Sun-dried tomato with olive oil & Italian herbs – R35
  • Tahini – R35

** All superfood beverages, milks, & creams serve 250 ml & served in glass bottles

**Pate, butter, humus, tahini – 150 g

*** NO preservatives added, all food & beverage made fresh to order.  We care about our ecosystems & do our best for mother earth.

  • This week’s salad options are: Coleslaw salad, and Potato salad
  • This week’s side option is: Roasted Mediterranean beets
  • This week’s dessert option is: Pumpkin Pie


  • Mediterranean Monday –   

Macaroni ‘Cheese’

– Pasta served with nacho creamy cheeze sauce, hints of paprika & crusty finish, s/w lemon salad of greens, broccoli, fresh chopped rocket, seed choice & hemp

  • Meaty Tuesday –  


– The classic Swedish dish, eaten by kings & at the very best restaurants in Sweden,  ‘beef mince’ wrapped in cabbage leaf, steamed,  drizzled with gravy, s/w boiled potato & cranberry sauce

  • World Wide Wednesday – 

‘Seafood’ Paella

– Most Spaniards consider this to be a Valencian dish. Fresh peppers tossed in saffron rice with olive oil , ‘fish, prawns, calamari, mussels’ . Splendid components emulating fish varieties using tofu, mushrooms and developed prawns with chickpea & wheat gluten

  • Thursday Surprise – 

Traditional Bobotie

– Warming sweet, & spicy, minced ‘lamb, beef, & ostrich’ served & set in custard ‘egg’, s/w yellow rice, raisins, banana, chutney & coconut. This gorgeous South African Cape Malay dish is memorable with components from four corners of our beautiful earth

  • Lazy Friday 6th & Mediterranean Monday 9th  – 

Please see above for additional orders to cover these two days

– Please note extended menu including Friday 6th & Monday the 9th due to  ‘Just Vegan’ on conference in C.T, will NOT DELIVER on those days, please order additional from weekly menu to be delivered for you

Just Vegan cordially invites you to dinner @ R65 per meal serving of between 300g to 500g of gorgeous fresh ready prepped meal.   Allow Just Vegan to do all the hard work for you so that you can take the evening off.

Delivery time promptly between 17:00 – 18:00 within the Jukskei Park area at no additional charge. Order same day by latest noon on below form, or via email/ SMS/WhatsApp – details below.

Payment with delivery or after agreement.  All other areas most welcome, please contact for travel arrangement & out of boundary delivery.  If ordering from abroad, please also contact us directly on below number to keep in-touch & ahead of emergency arrangements.

Just Vegan & Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström

For more info contact





Just Vegan is dedicated team happy to assist with vegan mentorship through vegan advocacy, community work,  cooking their way to your hearts, and delivering freshly prepared vegan food, outreach through cooking classes, and sharing vegan recipe development.

Just Vegan loves all life, ecosystems, earth,  is firmly dedicated in assisting as much as possible in advancing communities to healthful living.

Just Vegan is home-based concept based in Jukskei Park, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa, headed by Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström, recipe inspirations on their Facebook Page, nestled within appropriate albums, are posted regularly for all to enjoy, and are free.

Basic core values include recognition of treating all living beings on earth with respect and dignity, and as humanly possible, causing no harm, acknowledging that all life has the right to live and enjoy their freedoms. The right to healthy food security, clean water, clean air, clean environments, security, shelter, and in the case of humans – education. When we accomplish these fundamentals, inclusive of exercise, rest, meditation, laughter,  mindful living – spiritual, mental, and physical health is achieved.

We have ONE Blue Planet, the time to respect her is now –

Awards and education: 

• Experience (over 30 years in all departments) F&B/BOH/FOH/Management & Cheffing – 1986 to date.
• Food Critic 2014 to date
• Cape Wine Academy – Diploma Wine Course 1996
• Quality Brand Workshop – 22/06//16
• Course on Nutrition – 18/07/16
• Diploma In Nutrition – 26/07/16
• Vegan Workshop – 06-07/11/16
• Diving Certificate – Open 20 – 08/02/2017
• Diploma In Sports Nutrition & Exercise – 08/02/17
• Just Vegan – 11/12/17 to date
• Cannon photography course – 17/03/2018

A little more info –

About Just Vegan: Affordability, Convenience, Health, Saving lives & ecosystems.

How Just Vegan began:  Upon request Just Vegan quickly realised there is a demand for well balanced home cooked vegan meals that are delivered fresh, and for personalised cooking courses that show with comfort the ease of healthy cooking! Just Vegan was born 2017 December 11th upon  formal sincere request at a charity function! Just Vegans first guest at chefs dinner table led to many curious enthusiasts & before Just Vegan could blink an eye, The Little Red Vehicle was delivering successfully all over Joburg!

Just Vegan to assist further:  Cooking classes launched 2018 Jan 6th growing from strength to strength today, rolling out four classes per week! First three items entering retail 2018 December 11 by agreement!

Just Vegan Serves: Nutrition from whole plant based vegan sources freshly prepared with love, well balanced, colourful, from rainbow colours and food group varieties, delivery Monday, Wednesday & Friday, variety of 5 meals in total.

The Why: Short concise articles attract & hold attention, & so Just Vegan explains briefly about benefits of being vegan, it’s healthy & you’re welcome to google the rest:

🌍 Saving sentient lives:
Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. These shocking figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tonnes.

🌍 Ethics:
Ethics of killing, where the moral status of the individual killed is uncertain. Drawing on philosophical notions of personal identity and the immorality of killing, there are a host of practical issues, including abortion, infanticide, the killing of animals, assisted suicide, and euthanasia.

🌍 Eco systems:
🌿Decrease water footprint
🌿Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
🌿Cause less deforestation
🌿Less land use
🌿Keep water on land
🌿Encourage nutrient-rich soil
🌿Less air pollution
🌿Less water pollution
🌿Healthy aquatic eco-systems
🌿Protect wildlife
🌿Encourage biodiversity

🌍 Climate change:
🌿New analysis shows sustainability of ‘livestock’ as crude, as they consume much more protein, water and calories than they produce. ‘Meat’ and ‘dairy’ industries use up 83% of farmland, produce 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions, contribute 57% of water & 56% of air pollution, and produce only 18% of food calories and 37% of protein.

🌍 Food security:
🌿800 million people do not have enough food. Food (and land) security is of major issues. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates that one in nine people are chronically undernourished. With the world’s growing population expected to increase from 7 to 11 billion by 2050, not enough land is available to feed populations to animal based diet.

🌍 Health:
Consuming colourful combo fruit and veg whole plants based vegan meals with balance from food groups inclusive of nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, grains, edible herbs, flowers and roots, is healthy way forward for individuals who ensure they are meeting all of macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient needs. That, together with adequate exercise, sunshine D, additional B12 & vegan D, sleep, meditation & laughter will stand in good stead for improved health.

Contact us on:  info@justvegan.co.za


Just Vegan is more than happy and always humbled to get involved with our wonderful diverse community where ever and when ever possible.  Just Vegan loves making new friends and establishing new contacts, bringing together a network of people to engage in stronger, healthier communities.


Join the conversation –

Vegan Advocacy in Gauteng:  Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström

Vegan Advocacy Session Dates for 2018 have been set.

Clear your calendars & come join us! If you’re interested in learning a little more about the topic, and you reside in Gauteng, or you’re passing through, you are most welcome to join our conversation.

Are you new to veganism or, you want to go vegan, or help someone else go vegan, and need to talk, share ideas and information, and meet more vegans – then this meet up is for you. We’re hosting informal private vegan advocacy sessions first Saturday of every month for an hour from 9am – 10am. Participation is free.

For safety and security please contact: info@veganchef.co.za to confirm your attendance and participation prior to your arrival.

Closing confirmation date for each session is set for Friday (the day before the meet), at noon, so please do confirm via email provided, prior to then. You’re more than welcome to bring along your own vegan F&B, snacks etc, otherwise with prior arrangement, Šárka is more than happy to whip up a delicious vegan breakfast or snacks at cost. Family and little ones are very welcome.

A recap on the 12 set dates for 2018:

Session 6: January 6th

Session 7: February 3rd

Session 8: March 3rd

Session 9: April 7th

Session 10: May 5th

Session 11: June 2nd

Session 12: July 7th

Session 13: August 4th

Session 14: September 1st

Session 15: October 6th

Session 16: November 3rd

Session 17: December 1st

Looking forward to assist!

Supporting future generations with nutritious vegan meals:

Just Vegan loves to assist where ever possible, all opportunity to advocate for healthy plant based lunches is one step forward for all kind. Healthy meals mean happy healthy minds, stronger immune systems, better education,  happy sentient persons.

Providing holistic care and a home for destitute HIV/AIDS-infected mothers, their children and orphans as a result of HIV-related deaths, Nkosi’s Haven is a safe haven without discrimination and prejudice. They also contribute by distributing a portion of their donations to other organisations in need.

How you can help: All kinds of donations are appreciated from, healthy food,  clothing and shoes to toys, bedding and furniture.

Supporting community through healthy ecosystems and security:

Just Vegan is a firm believer in that we, and everything we do, all our actions are connected, in that improved friendships, healthier ecosystems, health, security, education, and improved quality of life on earth is interlinked in enabling all of us to better each others lives, inclusive of sentient persons. The Klein Jukskei Greenbelt Initiative is one of those projects that does just that, please support them, and or find one closest to your community and to your heart, that does something similar for your community!

Supporting life on earth through planting indigenous trees:

Trees are the driving force for clean air. They sustain soil, provide shelter and food for trillions of living beings on earth – lets plant them together so that we can all breath and feel their energy together. Just Vegan supports trees for life.  Just Vegan loves to plant trees for the benefit of all.  You could consider Vi-skogen who do fantastic work in East Africa.

Vegan Food For Life Initiative: 

On the 28th of October 2017, Just Vegan initiated The Vegan Food For Life Initiative. Purely experimental and with so much love at hand, more than 100 pumpkin seedlings were planted from a store-bought pumpkin.

Within just 6 days, they all flourished and started to reach for earths light – seeds that would normally have been thrown away.

What transpired over the next 6 weeks was indeed magical!

New friends were connected, food was swapped, so was seeds, seedlings, and loads of love – in true human spirit.

Conscious concerns about waste on plastic, recycling, water shortages, animal exploitation, community safety & security, health, togetherness, ecosystems, healthy air & water, and fitness came to highlight.  These seedlings gave Just Vegan and Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström a blessed opportunity to hold an audience with diverse communities, and for that we are forever humbled and eternally grateful.

Through this Initiative,  genuine worldly concerns,  giving, Just Vegan established solid friendships who are willing to move forward to the next page.

Today, we have established: a variety of tomatoes, peppers, chills, we have our first flowers on our pumpkin seedlings, onions, beets, spinach, kale, chives, garlic, sorghum, rosemary, thyme, sage, roquette, tarragon, mint, a beautiful hybrid rose, jasmine, bamboo, lavender, parsley, coriander, passion fruit –

Taking care to water by hand with bucket, early morning or late evening, making use of old used tyres and recycled plastic for containers – all it takes is a little love, access to water, and soil, providing food for those who need. No one should ever have to go hungry. This is something that we can all do readily!

Just Vegan has also established a haven of drinking water for the garden birds who sing such beautiful angelic songs free of charge!


Just Vegan believes that we are all connected, just like an intricate network of mycelium, working together symbiotically, keeping each other alive, safe, and happy. We need each other today, more so, than ever before. Living well and doing good encourages and inspires others to do so.


Just Vegan is a firm believer in giving back to the community, information is key to assist everyone as much as possible to live and eat vegan. Through Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström ,  Just Vegan is involved with writing reviews regarding all things vegan: vegan establishments, vegan products, as well as non-vegan establishments that serve vegan options. Write ups can be found here,  under the album ‘reviews‘, here, and on google maps.  Šárka Hedström is also a HappyCow Ambassador.

Contact us on: info@justvegan.co.za

Cooking Classes: 

Just Vegan hosts cooking classes every 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Saturday monthly, covering cooking methods using a variety of plant based foods to emulate meats, dairy, and eggs respectively. Just Vegan shares the ease with which it is continue to consume the familiar foods that we have so come to love, without harming  sentient beings.

Kiddies classes run during public holidays, and are both informative, and engaging, offering little ones a great head start for home economics, health and nutrition, respect for all sentient beings, and our environment.

Classes come highly recommended and are loads of fun! For more information, pop  into ‘Cooking Classes’ section.

Contact us on: info@justvegan.co.za