About Just Vegan

Just Vegan offers vegan advocacy and themed workshop tutorials via live virtual courses. For more details, take a peek at cooking classes for updated info.

Currently based in the quaint picturesque village of Altea Spain promoting veganism, Just Vegan also bakes and delivers to local shops and markets specialising in health snacks, and has launched a line of apparel.

Just Vegan presents guided tours in and around Marina Baja (Alfas del Pi, Altea, Benidorm and Calp). For more details, take a peek here.

Ask to join Just Vegan Recipe Book Club on WhatsApp.

E-Books available here.

Affiliates here.

FB page here.

Instagram is here  

For all further enquiries, contact directly via WhatsApp (message preferable) +46 76 319 06 34 and or

Emails available – info@justvegan.co.za and sarka@justvegan.co.za

Pinned to front page, details on current cooking classes/workshops. Book now!

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