Thank you for the magic – 28 July 2019

Just Vegan wishes to thank all guests on board with continued support. Thank you in keeping concept very much alive!! Absolute pleasure to serve everyone who simply loves great food! Enthusiastic applause from vegan community as all curious to try!

Special thanks to all participating in eco friendly initiative’s in return & rotation of clean recyclables with each & every effort helping to green earth. Together yourselves and Just Vegan consciously recycles hundreds of kilos of plastic, tin, aluminium, and glass, therefore doing our bit in cleaning and greening ecosystems, saving thousands of lives one plate at a time and doing so kindly, consciously, joyfully, willingly, and respectfully to both ourselves as to others!

Thank you also to all guests who daily take time to forward positive enthusiastic comments of enjoyment on meals as deliveries, and thank you to everyone for taking time to five star & review Vegan Chef On The Run with Šárka Hedström FB page as leave comment on Just Vegan website, and join Just Vegan on Instagram – all free advertising helps continue keep concept alive and directs potential traffic in trajectory intended! – YOU are sincerely appreciated !!!

Personal thanks go out to my partner Lars as well, with whom this venture would not have been a possibility in that he has kindly assisted pro bono since inception December 2017 – thank you thank you thank you my love, pillar of strength, our backbone!!!

As already aware, Just Vegan is taking a small necessary break to E.U. & making most of future adventure as inspirations – as surely back shortly with exciting new concepts. Do keep in-touch as Just Vegan continues to serve upon soonest return!!! In mean time continue enjoy being vegan. Just Vegan at your service🌸🌱🍏👨‍🍳 –

WhatsApp 0840476000 and or link to click direct – FB page –

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